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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 4 2003 5:22am
Subject:Re: MySQL index fun
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In the last episode (Apr 03), Steve Phillips said:
> I have a table for ip data that i need to index to suit the following
> query
> SELECT time,source_ip,bytes FROM data.tb_ipdata_0403 WHERE (time >
> 1049108400 AND time < 1051786799) AND (source_ip > 3389268097 AND
> source_ip < 3389268099)
> if i created an index on the time column and an index of the
> source_ip column would the query then use these indexes or would i
> need to change my query ?

Create a compound index on either (time, source_ip) or (source_ip,
time).  Mysql cannot use two indexes on one table.

	Dan Nelson
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