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From:Dan Rossi Date:April 4 2003 2:01am
Subject:RE: table structure design
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i cant seem to access the server times out :|

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About Entity Relationship Diagrams: I use Graphviz to generate ERD's on
the fly, from the database. Graphviz is very cool:

Graphviz draws graphs from files written in its language (called 'dot')
Your PHP script (or language of choice) needs to get the tables and
fields from MySQL, take your naming conventions etc. into account, and
output a dot file that will look like something like this in its
simplest form:

digraph schema {
	user [shape=record, label="ID|name|surname"];
	user -> user_group;
	user_group [shape=record; label="ID|groupname"];

Pipe that to dotty (part of the graphviz suite) and it will display a
graph with one block called user (and its fields) and one block called
user_group (and its fields) and a line joining them.
So all you need to do is write your own script to output all your tables
and their relationships and dotty will draw it nicely for you.

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 16:12, Cal Evans wrote:
> Lots of them. None cheap.  What ever you do, steer clear of the one at
> It's a piece of crap.  I bought a version and then
> foolishly bought an upgrade thinking it would be better.  it's not and the
> primary programmer for the project is very arrogant on the mailing list
> setup for support.
> ERWin is a great tool but it does not support MySQL directly. (You could
> ODBC to reverse engineer a database though) The same with ERStudio from
> Embarcadero (sp?)  Great tool, expensive though.
> =C=
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> Subject: table structure design
> is there any table structure design program in a graphical layout for
> windows available ? i have tables and fields on paper but would like a way
> to be able to lay them out on a screen and show which table joins to what
> and what keys it uses let me know thanks
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