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From:Matt Brei Date:April 1 2003 3:14am
Subject:RE: Crystal Reports and MySQL
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Has anyone had any luck with the ODBC 2.5 drivers?

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To: Wynne Crisman
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Subject: RE: Crystal Reports and MySQL

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 07:57, Wynne Crisman wrote:

Hi !!

> I too have had problems with Crystal Reports and MySQL using the ODBC
> drivers provided by MySQL.  The problem is not that you can't make
> Crystal Reports work with MySQL, but that when you connect to the
> database Crystal Reports is unable to display the tables that are in
> database.  
> This makes interacting with MySQL more difficult since the queries
> to be written by hand.   For complex reports requiring multiple
> it makes CR very inefficient (because it won't modify hand written
> queries, it just runs the query once for each drill down).  
> I have not yet figured out how to get around this.  Some one page
> reports take 10 seconds to complete and involve dozens of queries when
> only 3 should be necessary.  Obviously this won't scale well for
> reports involving thousands of records.
> I am using the root login and testing under win2k/XP with the latest
> compiled version of MySQL, latest (3.51) ODBC driver, and CR 9.0 with
> the latest patches.

Crystal Decisions, the company behind Crystal Reports is currently
working actively on why CR 9 is failing with MySQL, but it used to work
fine with earlier versions like 8.x.

Will let you know any status on this to myodbc list in a day or so.

> ~Wynne
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> From: Adam Douglas [mailto:ADouglas@stripped] 
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> Subject: RE: Crystal Reports and MySQL
> Sounds to me that you have some permission problems. I use Crystal
> Reports against MySQL and many other databases and it works fine. All
> you have to do is setup a ODBC DSN (user or system DSN) with a
> and password. Make sure this user exists in MySQL so the user can get
> in. I would check your MySQL log files and system log files to see if
> you are getting denied access.
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> > Subject: Crystal Reports and MySQL
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> > 
> > I am looking for any type of documentation on using Crystal
> > Reports with
> > MySQL.  I have connected to mysqld from CR but when it shows the
> > selected database, there are no tables listed.  Is there something I
> > have to configure in the MyODBC driver?  Please help me out with any
> > advice you may have.
> >  
> > Matt
> > 
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