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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 1999 4:53pm
Subject:RE: MySQL and Apache log
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>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Ouellet <daniel@stripped> writes:

Daniel> Thanks for all the feedback,
Daniel> So,

Daniel> I guess the best way would be to use script and do that every hours or so.

Daniel> But, if the WEB server is separated form the SQL server and the INSERT DELAY
Daniel> is used do you still feel it would not be good and that would put to much
Daniel> stress on the web server. Having the insert on the database or writing the
Daniel> entry into the log files would be close in requirement on the web server.
Daniel> Also the idea is to add entry from SMNP for some domain name too.

Daniel> Thanks also for the DELAYED_KEY_WRITE, may be it is a reason for trying the
Daniel> 3.23.xx version. I was waiting to have a stable version of it in case before
Daniel> putting it in production!

Daniel> Last questions on this, where can I find the information on customize the
Daniel> log entry and have the server log some data but not other, or is that not
Daniel> possible. You just work on the log after the fact and drop what you don't
Daniel> want.

Daniel> One side questions here is the block insert is per database right, not
Daniel> server wide?

The block is per table.  If you use INSERT DELAYED you shouldn't get
any notable blocks at all.

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