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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 1999 3:32pm
Subject:Performance issues on IBM RS/6000 model 260 and AIX 4.3.2
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>>>>> "wendell" == wendell  <wendell@stripped> writes:

>> Description: After upgrading machines our performance dropped
wendell> considerably. The new machine is a model 260 which is one of the
wendell> first 64-bit machines IBM has released. AIX is at version 4.3.2
wendell> with a few things updated to slightly newer "maintenance" levels
wendell> for various reasons. bos.rte.libc is at level for
wendell> instance. There was a bug with the Netscape Enterprise HTTPD
wendell> server at the level shipped with the machine. Not sure if this
wendell> has anything to do with MySQL or not???

>> How-To-Repeat: Sample benchmark results. This runs in about 2 
wendell> seconds on my home Linux P2-450 machine. The AIX box is easily
wendell> 5-10 times faster. 
mysql> select BENCHMARK(1000000,encode("hello","goodbye"));
wendell> +----------------------------------------------+
wendell> | BENCHMARK(1000000,encode("hello","goodbye")) |
wendell> +----------------------------------------------+
wendell> |                                            0 |
wendell> +----------------------------------------------+
wendell> 1 row in set (21.27 sec)

What happens if you do something even simpler like:

select BENCHMARK(1000000,1+1);

This should take about 0.3 seconds.

If this is slow, then this must be some optimization problem with the
compiler.  Are you sure you are not running the program through some
kind of powerpc emulator :)

>> Fix: Wish I knew a fix. I tried compiling source with gcc but get
wendell> a fail in the ./configure about g++ not being able to create an executable
wendell> file. config.log shows a missing "libm"(?). I notice the standard binary 
wendell> distribution for AIX is based on version of the OS. This is soon
wendell> to be a discontinued/un-supported OS version by IBM. 4.3.x has been 
wendell> available for a considerable time now. They've made great strides in
wendell> updating many aspects of the OS in 4.3 and perhaps the binary 
wendell> maintainers should consider upgrading(?). Just a thought...

Are you sure you don't have a libma (math library) file?
Maybe some files are missing from your system ?

Performance issues on IBM RS/6000 model 260 and AIX 4.3.2wendell19 Sep
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