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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 1999 10:05am
Subject:Error while rotating logs
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>>>>> "John" == John Millaway <JohnM@stripped> writes:

John> Mysql is emailing this to me daily:
John> "error occurred while rotating /var/lib/mysql/mysql.log
John> stat of /var/lib/mysql/mysql.log failed: No such file or directory"

John> I'm using  3.22.25 for pc-linux-gnu (i686)
John> The error message is correct; There file isn't there. Should it be?


This probably means that you are not running MySQL with logging on.
In this case you can simple turn of mysql log rotating.

You can check if you have logging on by doing:

mysqladmin variables


| log                    | OFF                       |
| log_update             | OFF                       |

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