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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 28 2003 4:52pm
Subject:Re: MySQL, Snort & ACID
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At 10:35 -0600 3/28/03, Dusty Hall wrote:
>Hey gang, not to sure if I should be posting to this list or not but I'm
>having terrible performance problems with MySQL on a high end system.  I
>believe I've done enough reading through the Doc's to post to this
>The system is a Dual 1Ghz with 2GB of Ram running Redhat 8.0, MySQL
>3.23, PHP 4.22, Latest version of ACID and I'm using the latest DB
>Layout from Snort (1.9.1).  I'm using a somewhat modified my-huge.cnf,
>modified from what I've read on  I'm using the switch to log
>slow queries and can attach that if someone would like to look at it.
>Below is my current config dump from phpmyadmin.  Oh yeah, the size of
>my DB is around 2GB, around 1.4 million rows..  If anyone needs more
>information just let me know.

It appears that you're forgotten to include your question.

It would probably also help if you characterized what you mean by
"terrible performance problems" and what kind of improvements you'd
like to see.

>-Dusty Hall
>Auburn University
>Variable   Value 
>back log  50 
>basedir  /usr/ 
>bdb cache size  8388600 
>bdb log buffer size  262144 
>bdb home  /var/lib/mysql/ 
>bdb max lock  10000 
>bdb logdir  
>bdb shared data  OFF 
>bdb tmpdir  /tmp/ 
>bdb version  Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 3.2.9a: (August 14, 2002)
>binlog cache size  32768 
>character set  latin1 
>character sets  latin1 big5 cp1251 cp1257 croat czech danish dec8 dos
>estonia euc_kr gb2312 gbk german1 greek hebrew hp8 hungarian koi8_ru
>koi8_ukr latin2 latin5 swe7 usa7 win1250 win1251 win1251ukr ujis sjis
>concurrent insert  ON 
>connect timeout  5 
>datadir  /var/lib/mysql/ 
>delay key write  ON 
>delayed insert limit  100 
>delayed insert timeout  300 
>delayed queue size  1000 
>flush  OFF 
>flush time  0 
>have bdb  YES 
>have gemini  NO 
>have innodb  DISABLED 
>have isam  YES 
>have raid  NO 
>have openssl  NO 
>init file  
>innodb additional mem pool size  1048576 
>innodb buffer pool size  8388608 
>innodb data file path  
>innodb data home dir  
>innodb file io threads  4 
>innodb force recovery  0 
>innodb thread concurrency  8 
>innodb flush log at trx commit  16777216 
>innodb fast shutdown  ON 
>innodb flush method  
>innodb lock wait timeout  50 
>innodb log arch dir  
>innodb log archive  OFF 
>innodb log buffer size  1048576 
>innodb log file size  5242880 
>innodb log files in group  2 
>innodb log group home dir  
>innodb mirrored log groups  1 
>interactive timeout  28800 
>join buffer size  4190208 
>key buffer size  268431360 
>language  /usr/share/mysql/english/ 
>large files support  ON 
>locked in memory  OFF 
>log  OFF 
>log update  OFF 
>log bin  ON 
>log slave updates  OFF 
>log long queries  ON 
>long query time  10 
>low priority updates  OFF 
>lower case table names  0 
>max allowed packet  1047552 
>max binlog cache size  4294967295 
>max binlog size  1073741824 
>max connections  100 
>max connect errors  10 
>max delayed threads  20 
>max heap table size  16777216 
>max join size  4294967295 
>max sort length  1024 
>max user connections  0 
>max tmp tables  32 
>max write lock count  4294967295 
>myisam max extra sort file size  256 
>myisam max sort file size  2047 
>myisam recover options  0 
>myisam sort buffer size  67108864 
>net buffer length  16384 
>net read timeout  30 
>net retry count  10 
>net write timeout  60 
>open files limit  0 
>pid file  /var/lib/mysql/ 
>port  3306 
>protocol version  10 
>record buffer  2093056 
>record rnd buffer  2093056 
>query buffer size  0 
>safe show database  OFF 
>server id  1 
>slave net timeout  3600 
>skip locking  ON 
>skip networking  OFF 
>skip show database  OFF 
>slow launch time  2 
>socket  /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock 
>sort buffer  4194296 
>sql mode  0 
>table cache  512 
>table type  MYISAM 
>thread cache size  8 
>thread stack  65536 
>transaction isolation  READ-COMMITTED 
>timezone  CST 
>tmp table size  33554432 
>tmpdir  /tmp/ 
>version  3.23.52-log
>wait timeout  28800

Paul DuBois
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