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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 1999 9:08am
Subject:delete users
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>>>>> "jan" == jan jan <jan011999@stripped> writes:

jan> Dear all,
jan>   May i ask how you could delete user records from mysql.user? Must i key in

jan> delete from mysql.user where user="john";

jan> ? because i try

jan> revoke all privileges on *.* from john;

jan> after

jan> grant all privileges on *.* to john identified by 'john' with grant option;

jan> only the privileges are removed but the user record still exists. would any 
jan> of you be kind enough to advise me about this?

jan> thank you.


Yes, the user does exist even after 'revoke all privileges' but he
will not be able to access any MySQL database.

To really delete him, you have to do a 'delete' on the mysql.user

The reason for this is originally was that we didn't want to delete
the password information from the mysql.user table.  On the other
hand, one can nowadays modify the password information with GRANT so
it may be time to change this behaveour.

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