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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 27 2003 11:00pm
Subject:Re: my_getopt.h
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At 16:21 +0100 3/27/03, lasse wrote:
>what is my_getopt.h really?
>when compiling mysqlcc i get loud errors (probably) originating from that
>include, wich i don't have on my system...

A system about which you supply no details, ahem. :-)

If you're on Linux, install the -devel RPM.
Otherwise, find your MySQL installation directory and look in the
include directory under that.

If your version of MySQL is from 4.0.0 to about, uh, 4.0.4, then my_getopt.h
got left out of distributions by mistake.

If your version of MySQL is older than 4.0.0, then my_getopt.h doesn't

>Any ideas?
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