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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 18 1999 12:59pm
Subject:Re: select problem on 3.22.21 killing server
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jim> Good to hear from you!

jim> I am sure that the select didn't kill the table.  What was happening was 
jim> that when any ORDER BY was done on a field declared as TEXT, the child 
jim> server would die--note that whether the server was running on either a 
jim> separate box than the database or on the same box as MySQL, the query 
jim> would kill the server process.


jim> I can't pin down either the INSERT or UPDATE transaction that did.

jim> How would you like me to deliver the files--they're around 650M?  I have 
jim> them on a hard drive ready to ship to you.  Please let me know a mailing 
jim> address and preferred shipment method from the US (UPS?).

Ordinary mail is ok.

You can mail this to:

Michael Widenius
TCX DataKonsult AB
BOX 6434

jim> We will most likely skip 3.22.26 and wait to go to 3.23.x.

Before shipping it; Could you test if this works with 3.23.x ?

jim> For the record, we've been running MySQL for over a year, we have around 
jim> 10 million rows in various tables.  This is the _only_ time that we have 
jim> ever had a runtime error on MySQL that wasn't disk space related.  What a 
jim> fantastic product!


Another note:  If you sort by a BLOB/TEXT, mysql will need temporary
space for 2 files of ('max_sort_length'+4)*number_of_matching_rows. With 4
million rows, we are talking about 2 files of 4G and this RedHat 5.2
can't handle!

In MySQL 3.23 you can do instead:

        x1='string1'    AND
        x6=0            AND

To only sort on the first 128 bytes of x3.  This will use MUCH less
temporary space.

At any rate;  MySQL 3.22 shouldn't die.  It should end with a nice
error message that the temporary file got 'full'.

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