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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 19 1999 6:52am
Subject:Re: simple query, using as , having problems.
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On Sat, 1999-09-18 22:35:52 +0000, Leonardo Madrigal wrote:
> i make womething like this.
[slightly reformatted]
  SELECT login,crypt,uid,id,shell
  FROM radius
  WHERE user="%user"
    AND (service="something" or service="prepaid")
> works fine....
> but in the prepaid service i want to check first if you already use 
> your hours and decide to let you enter or otherwise....
> i have another table called usertime, in there i can isue something 
> like this
[slightly reformatted]
  SELECT SUM(time_on)
  FROM usertime
  WHERE name="leo"
> that will return my time consumed....
> i want, in only one query to check something like this...
> select 
> radius.login,radius.uid,radius.gid,radius.home,sum(usertime.time_on)/
> 3600 as hours from radius,usertime where radius.login="someuser" and 
> and (service="Internet" or service="Prepaid" 
> and (here goes something for checking if you have more than x 
> hours....) group by radius.login
> since i can not use an alias on a where statement and i cant use 
> having because that will affect non prepaid can i make 
> the query????

I don't understand your argument on HAVING ... Waht do you mean with
"will affect"?  What's wrong with HAVING used like this:

  SELECT r.login, r.uid, u.gid, r.home, SUM(u.time_on)/3600 AS hours
  FROM   radius AS r, usertime AS u
  WHERE  r.login='someuser'
    AND  r.service IN ('Internet', 'Prepaid')
    AND  /* or ? */
  GROUP BY r.login
  HAVING hours > 5;

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simple query, using as , having problems.Leonardo Madrigal19 Sep
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