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From:Kelly W [PCS] Black Date:March 26 2003 7:14pm
Subject:RE: granting privileges using wildcards
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I think this might do what you want, but then you will be required to log
in with the -p syntax...

GRANT SELECT on *.* TO yourlogin@'%' IDENTIFIED BY "somepassword";


mysql -u youruserid -p -h hostname dbasename


Kelly Black
Linux was very clearly the answer, but what was the question again?

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From: Dimitar Haralanov [mailto:mitko@stripped]
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Subject: granting privileges using wildcards


	I have been trying to find information on the following question but
have been unable to do so:

	Is it possible to grant options to a user using wildcards. For
let's say that I have a database named 'db', and a user 'admin' who has
full privileges. The user 'admin' will add and delete tables to 'db' but
any table that is added/deleted will have the following name format
'table_[A-z0-9]'. What I would like to be able to do is grant select
privileges to any and all of the tables 'table_*' to a user 'non_admin'.

	Is this possible and if it is, how can I do that?

	Thank you for your help!

	-- Mitko
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