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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 18 1999 11:37pm
Subject:Re: why does this query return empty set?
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At 6:38 PM -0500 9/18/99, Troy Grady wrote:
>>From a web log analyzer program based on 3.22.22:
>Even when the "IF" statements evaluate such that no data is being selected
>from the "visitor" table, this query only works when the "visitor" table has
>rows in it.  Otherwise, it always returns empty set.  No errors, just empty
>set.  Any idea why?

The SELECT evaluates the WHERE clause against the cartesian product of
the tables.  If any of the tables is empty, that product is empty.
Result: no rows.

> as 'Pageview #',
>pageview.id_session as 'Session #',
>IF(session.id_visitor > 0, visitor.unam, '') as 'Visitor',
>pageview.request_uri as 'Page Viewed',
>pageview.remote_addr as 'From IP address',
>DATE_FORMAT(pageview.creation, '%c/%d/%Y, %l:%i.%S %p') as 'When'
> = pageview.id_session
>AND IF(session.id_visitor > 0, = session.id_visitor,
>pageview.creation desc
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