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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 18 1999 9:29pm
Subject:Re: HELP: Simple question
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At 4:19 PM -0500 9/18/99, Scott A. Cole wrote:
>How do I turn on logs and low_priority_updates? I tried the following and
>it didn't work.
>safe_mysqld --user=$mysql_daemon_user --pid-file=$pid_file -O
>  key_buffer=12M -O table_cache=4M -O sort_buffer=6M -O
>  record_buffer=6M -O back_log=1024 -O log=ON -O log_update=ON -O
>  low_priority_updates=ON

You're spelling some options incorrectly, specifying some options
with the syntax that you use in option files and not on the
command line, and setting some options to values they cannot
take.  How did you ever arrive at this command line? :-)

Low priority updates.  Use --low-priority-updates, and use dashes,
not underscores.
Logs: uses --log to turn on general logging and --log-update
to turn on update logging.

(Logging and low priority update options aren't variables that
you set with -O.)

In general, my advice would be to invoke mysqld with the --help
option, which will tell you all this.  (That's what I did, to
verify the syntax.)

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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