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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 23 2003 6:40pm
Subject:Re: Auto Commit
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At 1:47 -0500 3/22/03, Serge Paquin wrote:
>     A few months ago I asked to have the ability to turn off autocommit at a
>server level.  I was told by a mySQL rep that this would not be added to the
>3.23 tree but would be added to the 4 tree.
>     Well since 4 has been declared stable I have upgraded.  Now I am trying
>to find out where I can set this option globally.  I've search the
>documentation and archives and have come up with no answers.

I don't believe this option has been added explicitly.  You may be able
to  use the --init-file option and include a SET AUTOCOMMIT statement
in the file.

Paul DuBois
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