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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 18 1999 8:39pm
Subject:Re: adding users
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Thank you for all your help on this Topic.

Paul DuBois Wrote>
"Do you still have entries in the user table with blank values in the
user column?  If so, remove them and then FLUSH PRIVILEGES.  I
bet your problem will go away.  Those entries have localhost/<blank>
and <hostname>/<blank>, i.e., specific host names.  They match
before %/<username> because hostnames are matched before user names
and more specific values match before wildcards."

Thanks Paul:  This is what I have done.

I have removed all the users in the user database in mysql mysql that do
not have user names or that had nothing in the User field.

Then I added a number of new users with usernames, passwords and privs.
Then I added these users to the db that I need them to use.
Then I flushed privileges (now I know how to spell that word correctly).

Then I did the mysqladmin reload.

Even mysqlaccess is showing that all the new users must use a password
to access the database.

And it looks like everything is working great.  Now the new users can
add information to the database with their username and password through
my web form.  Is it cool to ask for the username password in the web
form?  It works so I guess it is.

Last year I created a help-line web interface with Mysql for the college
I work for and it has been working fine and this year I am trying to
figure out how privileges and mysql really works, so many thanks!!!

Another question if I may be so bold:

I was wondering if anyone is using mysql as a database for images?  If
so do you simply use blob as the binary field for the image and if
anyone has any form scripts for submitting a file (text or image)
through a web form to a mysql database - can you share them or help
point me in the right direction.  I don't really know how to upload a
file from the client through a web form to the database without actually
using an ftp program seperate from the form.

This might be off the topic but a faculty member was asking if there was
a chat program available for critiqing art work?  Basically, he would
like the ability to have an image of a work of art in the same window as
the chat area so he and his students could discuss the work on line.
These images would be student works and they would upload them and the
class would view them and discuss the work in a synchronous chat.
Should I consider Mysql for this project and what would be the best chat
program for this?

Thanks again


Douglas Brantz
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