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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 2 1999 10:36pm
Subject:Re: Beginners - Privilage Setup Problem
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At 3:48 PM -0600 4/2/1999, Jon Halton wrote:
>First of all thank you to everyone who helped me yesterday with my Load Data
>Infile problems. That has now been solved. As you can probably tell I am
>very new to MySql and am now having problems setting up the privilege
>system. I don't expect a full explanation, but would appreciate a few
>The host table already includes the following:
>Host       Db Select Insert Update Delete Create Drop
>localhost   %   Y     Y       Y      Y      Y     Y
>The User table includes
>Host         User   Password Select ....
>localhost   admin      Y       Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
>localhost              N       N   N N N N N N
>The DB table includes
>Host  Db          User Select Insert Update Delete Create Drop
> %   test               Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
> %   test\_%            Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
> %   petholidays  admin Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
>I cant connect to the petholidays database using the admin user. What am I
>not setting correctly?

Do you really have "Y" and "N" in the Password field, or does that
simply indicate there is a password there or not?

Sounds like you modified the grant tables directly.  Did you remember
to execute FLUSH PRIVILEGES or to do "mysqladmin reload" from the shell?
What error do you get when you try to connect?  Did you set the password
using PASSWORD("yourpass") rather than inserting the password in plain

You might find it easier to define your privileges using the GRANT

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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