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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 18 1999 1:26pm
Subject:Re: Uppercase and Lowercase in ENUM
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At 7:15 AM -0500 9/18/99, Mike Nolan wrote:
>New mySQL user, new list subscriber, Please don't shoot.  I apologize if
>this has been asked and answered before.
>My ISP is using version 3.22.21, I have no access to the mySQL set up.  I'm
>getting to the point where I know more about mySQL (and PHP) than my ISP
>does.  (Setup detail follows at the bottom.)
>As below, ENUM fields return UPPERCASE, even though I enter them as lower
>case when creating the table.  I looked through the list archives and can't
>find but a little information dealing with this. (or I'm not putting the
>correct words in the search box to come up with the answer)
>(Docs for version 3.32.1)
>"9.1.1 The character set used for data and sorting" and specifically
>"9.1.2 Adding a new character set"
>This faintly mention changing the Character set with "to_lower_MYSET" by
>changing the arrays of "to_lower[] and to_upper[]"  (which I do not
>Given all this, do I;
>1 Ask the ISP to tweak the configuration of the existing install?
>2 Ask them to upgrade to a newer version?
>3 re-write my PHP pages to convert these fields to proper case?
>4 Move to another ISP?
>If 1, what exactly do I need to tell them to do?
>Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated. - Mike
>num_fish ENUM('one fish', 'two fish')DEFAULT 'one fish' NOT NULL,
>Structure Dump;
>MySQL 3.22.21

That doesn't happen for me, the table is created with lowercase
fields, as specified in the CREATE TABLE statement.  Both ENUM
and SET columns are supposed to be created with the values in
the same lettercase you specify them in.

I don't know how you issued the CREATE TABLE statement, but it
obviously wasn't by using the one shown above, because that one
has a syntax error in it.  Maybe the entire thing is  being
converted to uppercase somehow.  But this is an odd problem.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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