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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 19 2003 9:34pm
Subject:Re: The MySQL Backup problem
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At 16:11 -0300 3/19/03, Dyego Souza do Carmo wrote:
>     I am developing a mySql Backup software and I intend to develop two
>different options for backup: Complete and Incremental, where Complete means
>the full copy of a database, and Incremental means that only the log file
>have to be copied. The logic is the follow:
>Once a week, my customers will make a complete copy of their databases to a
>DAT streamer or other media they can choose, and every day they will make an
>incremental copy of their databases. In case of database damage, they will
>be able to restore the full copy they had made and run the log file in their
>hard disk. But, if the log file was not found, then the backed up log will
>be used to restore the database as closed to its last state as it could be
>The main problem I am experiencing is that mySql is not able to make
>different log files for each database. This way I am obliged to copy all the
>databases every time I start a backup, because if the user had to use the
>restore option, only one single log will be executed, and it has the SQL
>statements used in all the databases in my server.
>I really would like that mySql had an option to make different log files for
>each database. Is it possible to be developed for the mySql team? And how
>long will it take you to come out this feature?

Perhaps you could use the --database option to mysqlbinlog to generate
per-database logs.

Paul DuBois
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