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From:Henning Heil Date:March 19 2003 5:38pm
Subject:Re: Text formatting of articles pulled from database??
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++++ Landy Atkinson wrote on 19.03.2003 18:14 ++++

> ...

> echo "<TD colspan=\"3\" width=\"532\"><P>$article</P></TD>";
> The text displays, but the paragraph breaks are gone and all the text 
> is just run together into one long paragraph.
> Any suggestions on how to get $article to display and keep the white 
> space between paragraphs that it has when displayed in a 
> echo "<td colspan=6><textarea name='article' rows='15' 
> cols='120'>$article</textarea></td>";
> For an example, see 
> and click 
> on an article title.
> Thanks,
> -Landy 


I think this is far more a php/html than a MySQL problem, I don't 
remember the code exactly but try playing around with the php-function 
"htmlspecialchars" (or similar) before inserting into DB / echo-ing out 
the article and you'll hopefully find a solution soon.



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