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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 19 2003 3:51am
Subject:Re: mysql using wrong indexing keys
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At 22:23 -0800 3/18/03, Steve Quezadas wrote:
>I am running this query that is awfully slow. It's a simple query 
>between two heap tables with two joins.  I ran a "explain" statement 
>to see why it is running so slow and realized that  mysql was using 
>indexing for one of the lesser inefficient joins! I fixed this 
>problem by adding a STRAIGHT_JOIN to the SQL statement. However, 
>this seems kinda inelegant. Is there a way to specifically specify 
>which index to use in the join? I looked it up on google and there 
>seems to be a "USE KEY" command which forces mysql to use a 
>particular index. However, it does not seemed to be supported in 
>MySQL 3.2.3 .
>Any other thing that can help me besides STRAIGHT_JOIN?

I'm not sure what you mean by "3.2.3"; there is no such version.

USE INDEX/IGNORE INDEX were implemented in 3.23.12.

Paul DuBois
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