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From:Daniel Kasak Date:March 18 2003 11:42pm
Subject:Re: access-myodbc-interruption_mode?
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shrek-m@stripped wrote:

> hi,
> access-2000
> w2k-prof/xp-prof via
> myodbc 3.51
> different mysql-servers (win-lin)
> if i leave ms-access longer than 25 minutes alone with mysql via 
> myodbc 3.51
> i cannot close ms-access:
> - free translation:
> "this procedure will put the current code back into the interruption 
> mode. would you like to stop the execution of the code?"
> - german-original:
> "dieser vorgang wird den aktuellen code in den
> unterbrechungsmodus zuruecksetzen. moechten sie die
> ausfuehrung des codes anhalten?"
> i have to kill ms-access with the task-manager!
> after 24 minutes, no problems.
> my preferred solution would be:
> $killall -9 access.exe
> #rpm -e ms-office
> #rpm -e windows
> is this a known problem with
> myodbc?
> access?
> how can i prevent this?
Search back through the archives of this list and the MyODBC list.
The short answer is that Access is f**ked and will crash when left 
I had originally thought that it only affected Access 2002, as Venu 
couldn't reproduce my problem under Access 2000. But apparently not.

One dodgy fix which I've considered but not used is to have a hidden 
form with a timer event which opens an ADO connection to MySQL and 
closes it every 3 minutes. I haven't tested it but since the problem 
only happens when there is no activity between Access and MySQL, I 
assume this will work. Personally I prefer to leave it as is and tell 
everybody to direct their complains to contactus@stripped

I would _strongly_ recommend that if you are working on an original 
database that you close it before walking off to get a coffee. I have 
lost almost a full day's work on several occassions because of this.

If you can be bothered, maybe turn on ODBC logging and send a log in to 
the MyODBC list. However I'm pretty sure the problem is with Access and 
not MySQL / MyODBC. Maybe it's even intended...

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