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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 18 1999 4:20am
Subject:adding users
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Sorry if I was not clear on my mail about adding new users.  I will try
giving a clearer description of what I have done.

I am using the latest release of Mysql binary install with Linux
Mandrake 6.0.

After installing Mysql, I logged in as root user and created a user "me"
with all priv. for mysql.  So in Mysql Mysql the user me has all priv.
host is "%" password("pass") etc. with everything else selected with
"Y".  Ok, as user "me" I created a database called "database" and then I
created a table called "table".  Now, I can access this database as user
"me" with "me's" password.  This works great.  Even mysqlaccess tells me
that the user "me" must use a password to access the database

Now, I want to create more users to access this new database and table
created by the user "me".  So I log into mysql mysql as "me" and add a
few new users with passwords and limited priv.  Now, even though these
new users have passwords in the user table and I have them added to the
database table to access "database" created by "me" when I look at each
user through mysqlaccess it seems to report back that anyone can access
the database "database" with any of the new users username and no
password and it also states that anyone can access the database
"database" as anonymous.  So, now I have removed all the new user
created with the user "me".

I am sorry to bother everyone with this again.  I'll take another look
at the user's manual.  I think I am adding the users correctly, I even
reload and still it seems that adding new users as user "me" seems to
create security problems for my new database titled "database".  (By the
way- "database", "table" & "me" are not the real names- I am just using
them to explain the situation.)

So say I create a user titled "john" with password "xyz" in the mysql
mysql database with the user "me" and I add john  to the table database
to use "database".  I then type at the command line;
mysql -u john -p xyz "database"  and it will say access denied.
If I type;
mysql -u john "database" it will allow john to access the database
without supplying a password.

I guess my big question is should I be doing all the adding of users and
priv of users as the root user in mysql and not as the "me" user?

Does Mysql check its users against the linux OS user table?  maybe this
is my problem.  Well, I know my problem is that I am trying to take the
easy way out and ask the experts on-line and I am not taking the time to
read the manual close enough.
I'll probably spend Saturday trying to figure this out and I don't mind
because Mysql is worth it.

Thanks in advance



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