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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 9:23pm
Subject:importing a large dump file
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>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Dickson <witchy@stripped> writes:

Greg> I am tring to import a dump file with over 1064 lines in it 
Greg> I keep getting syntax error reports for line 1064 

Greg> The dump file has both update and insert lines in it
Greg> if I try and insert the individual line itself there are no problems it
Greg> happens when I try to pipe the file into the database with <

Greg> Has anyone got any ideas on this

Greg> Thanks Greg

I am 99 % sure that you have a bug in your dump file!

Please try to make it smaller and if you can reproduce this with a
small test, mail it to the list and we will try to help you!

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