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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 15 2003 7:44pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD + MySQL bottleneck
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In the last episode (Mar 15), Jesse Guardiani said:
> From: "Warren W. Gay VE3WWG" <ve3wwg@stripped>
> > The OP didn't indicate where the files are being kept, and under
> > FreeBSD this can be significant. I know for example, that using UFS
> > file systems, are very slow compared to newer file systems.
> Yes. I am using UFS + softupdates. I wasn't aware that I could run
> ext3 on FreeBSD.

You can't.  UFS should be just as fast as ext3 as far as mysql is
concerned.  Softupdates doesn't help you here because you're not
creating or deleting many files.

	Dan Nelson
	sql, query
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