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From:Joe Stump Date:March 15 2003 10:29pm
Subject:RE: Connect via Internet
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Just a simple point on security. The current stable versions of 3.23.x don't
encrypt passwords or data. Thus you would be logging in unencrypted and
sending all data unencrypted. If this is just a dev box and you don't care
about the data then it probably isn't a big deal. If it's a production box
you'd be nuts to put it on the internet.

Versions 4.x and above support SSL. You'd have to check the mysql site for
the specifics. Even with SSL support I'd be wary of putting a db server on
the internet.


Joe Stump <joe@stripped>
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From: Jon Miller [mailto:jlmiller@stripped]
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Subject: re:Connect via Internet

Okay, got the system up and running locally.  The programmer wants to be
able to access the MySQL server via the internet. We have MySQL
installed on a Linux server, this sits behind a firewall with port 3306
opened.  The programmer has phpMyAdmin installed on his laptop (Widows
XP Pro).  We keep getting a 'cannot connect to server on 'domain''
error.  Also I want to have a logfile setup to log this type of
problem.  I see nothing in the /var/log/messages or /var/log/mysql.log.
In /etc/my.cnf I have the following:
datadir =3D /var/lib/mysql
socket =3D /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

user =3D mysql
basedir =3D /var/lib

err-log =3D /var/log/mysqld.log
log =3D /var/log/mysqlquery.log
pid-file =3D /var/run/mysqld/

Will changing the line that contains the myql.sock to tcp help?

Any suggestions?
Jon Miller <jlmiller@stripped>
MMT Networks Pty Ltd

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