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From:Jesse Guardiani Date:March 15 2003 3:04pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD + MySQL bottleneck
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Subject: Re: FreeBSD + MySQL bottleneck


> The OP didn't indicate where the files are being kept, and under FreeBSD
> this can be significant. I know for example, that using UFS file systems,
> are very slow compared to newer file systems.

Yes. I am using UFS + softupdates. I wasn't aware that I could run ext3 on FreeBSD.

> However, I suppose, they
> have the trade off that they're perhaps "safer" in the event of a system
> crash. But the disk I/O is much much heavier on a UFS file system, than
> on some of the newer systems, like ext3 file systems. UFS seems to
> insist on doing writes as soon as possible, to prevent accidental loss of
> information due to a crash (just my guess, based upon the experience).
> I tried to speed up a very slow PostgreSQL database on UFS once.. I
> turned off fsync(2) for the database, and that helped some, but the disk
> I/O was still enormously extensive for what was going on.  The same
> database under Linux flies (ext3) (with significantly less disk I/O
> activity).
> I was glad to see the MySQL supports the InnoDB in a partition (raw
> disk space). This can eliminate the file system from the equation,
> assuming that the necessary caching occurs in either the block device
> or in the database engine (using a raw char device).
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> Warren W. Gay VE3WWG
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