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From:Sime Date:March 15 2003 1:20pm
Subject:Re: Updat not Updating
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Andrew wrote:
> can you explain how I would do this tracking?
> My code looks exactly like this:
> mysql_connect("$DBHost","$DBUser","$DBPass");
> mysql("$DBName","UPDATE items
> SET ItemSKU='$ItemSKU',
> ItemName='$ItemName',
> ItemDescription='$ItemDescription',
> PostCode='$PostCode',
> Category='$Category',
> CityID='$CityID',
> CTelephone='$CTelephone',
> Cfax='$Cfax',
> Cemail='$Cemail',
> Caddress='$Caddress',
> Cfax='$CTown',
> Cwww='$Cwww',
> WHERE ItemID='$ItemID'");
> $result = mysql_query($query, $connection) or die("Error with query:
> ".mysql_error()."");

Hi Andrew,

Try building the query to a variable first, then output the variable to see
if what MySQL is receiving is what you expected..

$querystring="select * from mytable;";

will output..
select * from mytable;

You can check the syntax of the command this way.


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