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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 11:56pm
Subject:ANNOUNCE PATCH: 3.22.23b -- large number of databases support
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>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Hassan <hassan@stripped> writes:

Scott> The following patch allows mysqld to support a large number of
Scott> databases (>1000) by using a hashed directory structure.  Currently,
Scott> mysqld stores databases as directories are in the mysqld data home
Scott> directory.  When the number of databases grows large, accessing the
Scott> databases slows down because of linear directory searching found in
Scott> most operating systems.

Scott> This patch changes the way mysqld accesses the tables to use 256
Scott> directories to store the database directories (for example,
Scott> ./#3d/accounts/.)  There is a new flag to mysqld called
Scott> "--create-hashed-directories" which activates this feature.  The system
Scott> is backward-compatible because it checks both in the hashed directory
Scott> structure and in the normal structure for the database.

Scott> NOTE: "show databases" command is currently not implemented to support 
Scott>       the hashed databases.

Scott> This is a patch as of mysqld 3.22.23b.

Scott> Cheers,

Scott> Scott Hassan


Thanks for the patch.  I have to consider if I want to add this to the
main MySQL distribution.  (New filesystems like ext3 and XFS will
solve this problem automaticly in the near future).

ANNOUNCE PATCH: 3.22.23b -- large number of databases supportScott Hassan16 Sep
  • ANNOUNCE PATCH: 3.22.23b -- large number of databases supportMichael Widenius18 Sep