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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 18 1999 12:05am
Subject:Re: newbie question #2
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On Fri, 1999-09-17 15:09:57 -0400, Steven T. Sigourney wrote:
> So I am going through the webmonkey tutorial trying to create a
> table in my database with this command:
> CREATE TABLE employees (  id tinyint(4) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
> first varchar(20),  last varchar(20),  address varchar(255),  position
> varchar(50),  PRIMARY KEY (id),  UNIQUE id (id));INSERT INTO employees
> VALUES (1,'Bob','Smith','128 Here St, Cityname','Marketing Manager');

This are two seperate SQL statements: a CREATE and an INSERT.
How did you execute this SQL statements?

Your error message ...

> but, I get this error:
> sql_out:
> --------------
> CREATE TABLE employees
> --------------
> ERROR: parse error near '' at line 1

does show me, that it's not the 'mysql" monitor program, but some
other interface.

Maybe this interface (whatever it may be) doesn't allow you to issue
more than one SQL statement at once?  Just guessing, because you
didn't provide enough information ...

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