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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 14 2003 4:28pm
Subject:Re: translation dictionary
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At 10:13 -0500 3/14/03, Keith C. Ivey wrote:
>On 14 Mar 2003, at 0:28, felix t wrote:
>>  I would like to ask for some ideas on how to build
>>  such a dictionary given that I can not use more than
>>  one set of characters in mysql server. ( the russian
>>  words need on set of characters , the french ones
>>  another ).
>Presumably you're using Unicode, so that you can display both French
>and Russian on the same page.  It might work for you to store the
>words as plain binary data in your tables, since the character set is
>relevant mostly for sorting and you won't be doing that unless you're
>going to allow browsing through the dictionary entries as opposed to
>looking up individual ones.  You'd also have to take care of letter
>case in your application rather than in MySQL, so that you can store
>your values as (for example) all lowercase and then convert your
>search string to lowercase before putting it into your query.
>I haven't actually done anything with character sets yet, so I could
>be missing an important point.  Maybe someone with more experience
>will chime in if I have.

One important point is that binary values are not associated with a
character set. :-)

For example, BLOB columns don't have a charset.  TEXT columns do.

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