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From:John Wards Date:March 14 2003 3:56pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD + MySQL bottleneck
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> So, my questions are these:
> ---------------------------
> Can any experienced MySQL-FreeBSD admins out there
> give me some pointers for identifying bottlenecks?

I  have been running MySQl-FreeBSD for over a year now and we are now doing
about 140-150,000 page views a day all dynamic from the database.

Running top displayed MySQL running about 40% but we kept getting bottle
necks and mysql would hang periodicaly.

What we have done is recompiled mysql with linuxthreads which made a
difference, but what made the biggest difference was upgrading to MySQL 4
and turning on query caching, that what I would recomend.

John Wards

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