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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 14 2003 3:02pm
Subject:Re: HEPL: LOAD DATA LOCAL skips recors
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At 11:50 +0200 3/14/03, Sebastian Stan wrote:
>i have 2 DBFs and i'm doing the same thing on both of them : (i'm
>transforming the DBFs in TXTs)
>(in foxpro) " copy to <file>.txt delimited with '^' with character '#' "
>When  :
>     LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE  '<file>.TXT' into table <table on mysql>
> fields
>terminated by '#' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '^';
>is executed i get 2 different results:
>1. from the 1st .txt file ALL the recors are loded
>2. from the 2nd it loads only the records 1,3,5,7,9 etc. are loaded. (and i
>really need all of them , too :)) )
>If the txt files i make are with constant leght and i do  "LOAD DATA LOCAL
>INFILE  '<file>.TXT' into table <table on mysql> fields terminated by ' '
> "
>it works just fine, but i need the first way.

This is typically a problem of not indicating correctly what the
end of line character sequence is.  How do your lines end?  Linefeeds?
Carriage returns? Carriage-return/linefeed pairs?

If it's something other than linefeeds, you'll need a LINES TERMINATED BY

>Please help me.
>Thank you.
>           Sebastian Stan
>      s.stan@stripped

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