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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 13 2003 7:02pm
Subject:Re: Replication [p]threads problem
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In the last episode (Mar 13), Jeff Kilpatrick said:
> I upgraded three servers to 3.23.55 over the weekend configured them
> to be peers in a daisy-chain setup.  It's worked well with one
> exception:
> Our FreeBSD 4.6 server (built from the ports collection) crashed
> (this morning; on day five of uptime) with the following in the log:
> Fatal error '_pq_insert_tail: Already in priority queue' at line ? in
> file /usr/src/lib/libc_r/uthread/uthread_priority_queue.c (errno = ?)

There was a set of patches that updated libc_r on Oct 22 (just after
4.7 was released) that might help this problem.  If you can, try
updating and rebuilding libc and libc_r to the current versions.  If
you're not comfortable rebuilding source, just go to

, download and, and put them into /usr/lib on
your machine (after backing up the originals of course).  In a week or
so, 4.8 will be released with these fixes.
	Dan Nelson
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