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From:Michael Tam Date:March 13 2003 7:09pm
Subject:RE: Telneting failed
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Hi Dan and everyone,

First off, I apologize for the stupid question due to my lack of technical
knowledge on this area.

What I am trying to do is to connect to a MySQL on a Win2k machine from
another Win2k machine with SSH.
After doing some research, I manage to grasp some idea on how to establish
However, there are still some detail and confirmation I need to get it to

First, correct me if I am wrong, I need to establish a SSH server on the
machine which has mysql running [Done by setting up OpenSSH for Win32].
Then I need a SSH client on a another win2k machine [Done by having
SecureCRT on the machine]. After these, I should configure the client SSH to
connect to the server.  Then I can run pretty much any MySQL GUI client to
connect to MySQL under SSH.

To the SSH client config section, I need to setup a local forwarding and/or
remote forwarding and this is where I am not clear how to get it right.

For example, 
  server PC  has  ip
  client PC  has  ip

  To setup local forwarding:   localport:3306  remotehost:
port: 3306
  Then I can use MySQL client to connect to to reach the
server, am I correct?

I would greatly appreciate if someone can verify these steps and correct me
if I misunderstood any item.

Thank you so much.

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