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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 13 2003 4:23pm
Subject:RE: multiple simultaneous DBI connections?
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At 15:47 +0000 3/13/03, Tom Norwood wrote:
>I guess I would see the fact that the script would hold the connection
>to MySQL for a shorter period of time, as the most obvious advantage.
>As far as OO programming goes the integration of DBI into my object
>would assure that a connection to the database would be established
>automatically before the object's methods try to initiate calls to the
>MySQL server.
>Also a similar point goes for disconnect()-ing from the server, my
>object would 'know' that a connection is available if it exists! So no
>additional coding would be required within my object's methods.
>Tom Norwood.

Ah.  I was misinterpreting your message, thinking you meant multiple
*simultaneous* connections.

With some database engines, you'd probably want to use a single
connection and hold it open, because the overhead for connection
setup/teardown is significant.

With MySQL, that's not much of a factor in most cases.  It has
very efficient connection establishment.

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>At 14:47 +0000 3/13/03, Tom Norwood wrote:
>>I am currently looking at building a Perl object to handle data from a
>>a database.
>>I'm not really sure if it is best to have one connection to MySQL and
>>let the object just deal with its own properties.
>>Or to allow the object to initiate a DBI connection each time an instance
>>of the object is created, and to disconnect() using garbage disposal.
>>Although the object initially would only have one instance per script,
>>I can't help feeling it is a bad idea.
>It's difficult to give you an answer each way unless you tell us why
>you suspect it might be a bad idea.  Certainly you'll use somewhat
>more resources on both the client and server ends if you maintain
>multiple open connections.  What would you see as an advantage to
>having multiple connections?
>>Any thoughts welcome, and greatly appreciated,
>  >Tom Norwood.

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