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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 13 2003 5:06am
Subject:Re: Telneting failed
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In the last episode (Mar 12), Tam, Michael said:
> I am running MySQL 4.0.11a on Win2k Pro at home.  The machine is
> connected to a router which redirect port 3306 to MySQL.  Things seem
> to work very well.  I have MySQLCC and MySQL-Front both connecting to
> MySQL locally and remotely.  However, when I try connecting through
> telnet locally at this point, I receive a prompt with MySQL Version
> and some ASCII characters, and then a few second later I got a bad
> handshake and connection closed.  I do not have a clue whether it is
> problem caused by the router or I misconfig MySQL so it fails the
> telnet connection.  Any suggestion or help would be greatly
> appreciated.

MySQLD is not a telnet daemon.  You need to access it with an ODBC
connection or the mysql.exe CLI frontend.

	Dan Nelson
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