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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 8:13pm
Subject:A problem with the MyODBC
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>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Ruiz <druiz@stripped> writes:

Daniel> I am working with MySQL 3.22.25,  MyODBC 2.50.25 and Powerbuilder and I
Daniel> have a problem with the data types.

Daniel> In Powerbuilder I work with integers and in MySQL database I have
Daniel> integers too but MyODBC sends to the database the numbers in scientific
Daniel> format (1.00e+001) and, logically, the database (with data type integer)
Daniel> do not understand this numbers.

Daniel> Could anyone give me a solution? Thnak you

Daniel> (The problem can not be from Powerbuilder)


MyODBC sends the application the number in the format the the
application ask for!  If Powerbuilder would ask for integers, it would 
get integers!

You can always try to make a MyODBC and an ODBC trace file and find
out where it goes wrong.  If you find anything wrong in MyODBC we will 
of course try to fix this ASAP.


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