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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 8:40pm
Subject:RE: High Volume config help!
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>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Margolin <ben@stripped> writes:

Ben> Well, first off don't plan on more than about 800 connections
Ben> simultaneous under Linux with 1G RAM... the thread model doesn't
Ben> do that. (Due to overhead, etc.) You'll almost certainly need to 
Ben> tweak the kernel (possibly just mess with stuff in /proc) to 
Ben> increase the number of filehandles. We moved away from persistent
Ben> conns to handle many simultaneous connections and it's worked out
Ben> fine, although I still don't LIKE it as a solution. I don't know
Ben> much about the Mandrake distro so can't give you much more detail...

Ben> // Ben Margolin - ben@stripped
Ben> // Project Lead -


The major problem with threads on Linux is that linuxthreads always
uses 2M stack.  (A MySQL thread doesn't need more than 64K stack).

The fix would be to add the standard posix function call:


to glibc and this wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Not that in Linux 2.3 they have changed some aspects on threading to
be able to easily run +2000 threads.

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