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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 8:24pm
Subject:select problem on 3.22.21 killing server
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>>>>> "jim" == jim kraai <jkraai@stripped> writes:

jim> Table had approx 4.15 million rows.  I trimmed 1.1 million 
jim> rows from the table and the problem went away.  I would like 
jim> to know whether this is going to happen again when the table 
jim> grows to 4+ million rows again.

jim> Any help from TCX would be appreciated.  If TCX needs to see 
jim> a tape with the offending files on it, we can enter into a 
jim> support agreement.

jim> Thanks, --jim


jim> 	SELECT 
jim> 		* 
jim> 	FROM 
jim> 		x 
jim> 	WHERE
jim> 		x1='string1'	AND
jim> 		x6=0		AND
jim> 		x5='string2'
jim> 	ORDER BY
jim> 		x3;

Are you sure that the above select did destroy our table (which is not 
very likely)

At any rate; I suggest you upgrade to 3.22.26;  This includes a fix
for a key-compression bug that may explain why the index got
corrupted in the first place.

If isamchk from 3.22.26 can't fix your table, we would really like to
have a copy of the file so that we can fix the bug in isamchk!

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