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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 8:25pm
Subject:mysqld core dump when using 'mysql -h'
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>>>>> "david" == david coelho <drc@stripped> writes:

david> I'm running mysql version 3.21.33 on HP-UX. When I attempt
david> to connect as follows:

david> mysql -h myhost mydb

david> the mysqld core dumps. By doing:

david> mysql mydb

david> things work fine. I've tried using simple and full domain
david> name for the hostname with the same results. The hostname
david> is correct and is properly registered with DNS.

david> Please respond via email to drc@stripped.

david> Thanks!!


I think that 3.21.33 had a bug that if some entry in the mysql.user
table was awfully wrong it could core dump.

The fix is of course examine the mysql.user table to find out what's
wrong or to upgrade to 3.22.26

mysqld core dump when using 'mysql -h'david coelho15 Sep
  • mysqld core dump when using 'mysql -h'Michael Widenius18 Sep