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From:Tonu Samuel Date:March 11 2003 11:55am
Subject:Re: Off topic help, SSL and form posts
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On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 04:15, Scott Haneda wrote:
> I have run into a problem where data is truncated when sending to MySql via
> a SSL connection, I can not determine whether this is my server or just the
> protocol, I hope the later, as I know web* 4, which is what I am using will
> never get it fixed.  Anyone with php and apache running SSL, would you mind
> creating a simple html form textarea and trying to post more than 4000 or so
> bytes of data to either a database or just echo the data back, I nice test
> would be to see about 10k of data go through.
> Of course, if someone knows already this is a SSL issue and just is how it
> is, let me know, thanks.

This is probably browser HTML understanding or PHP issue and surely have
nothing to do with SSL.

To find out, what is going on, add such PHP in top of your code:




After submit you will see, what PHP got from form. I am not HTML guru,
but there were values for input and textarea tags affecting their
maximum allowable size named something like "size" and "maxlength". I is
possible that browser uses some default is they are not defined.


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