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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 10 2003 11:00pm
Subject:Re: Innodb
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At 22:28 +0000 3/10/03, Paul Taylor wrote:
>I have MySQL 3.23, running on Windows XP. I don't seem to be able to make my
>tables Innodb type. Is there something I should install, or some script I
>should configure. Looking on the MySQL site, I noticed there was a script I
>should run. I'm so inexperience with MySQL, I don't know what it meant by
>My ISP has MySQL 3.23, yet when I connect to their MySQL server, I am able
>to make Innodb tables, but not on my desktop.

Issue this query and see what the value of the have_innodb variable is:


If it's NO, then your server doesn't have InnoDB and you need to use one
that does support it.  For a 3.23 distribution, you probably want to use
a mysqld-max or mysqld-max-nt.  Otherwise, you can update to MySQL 4,
which includes InnoDB support by default.

If the value is DISABLED, then your server supports InnoDB but was either
started with the --skip-innodb option or (more likely) you don't have
the necessary configuration directives in an option file that tell
the server where to write the InnoDB tablespace.  If your MySQL installation
is at C:\mysql, try adding something like this to your C:\my.cnf file:

innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M

10M = 10 megabytes; vary as desired.

The server then will create the ibdata1 tablespace file in your
server's data directory.

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