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From:Rossz Vamos-Wentworth Date:March 8 2003 12:37am
Subject:Need client side suggestions
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I'm investigating the feasibility of converting an MS Access 
database to 
a MySQL based system and could use some advice.  

The server side will probably be run on a Linux box and is not a 
problem since I 
can deal with that easily enough.  The clients will all be win98 
based (possibility of 
upgrades to winxp in the near future - bleh).  I need a good system 
for data entry 
and reports, opensource is preferred.  Basically, I'm looking for 
something that will 
duplicate the functionality of the MS Access macros, menus, forms 
and reports 
design tools.

Features desired:

1. GUI design tool to create data entry forms and reports for 
2. Macros (or something similar) to tie together queries, forms 
and/or reports.
3. Some scripting ability to massage data, if possible.
4. Ability to lock form and report styles so they can't be modified by 
5. Ability to limit who can access certain forms and reports.
6. Some data validation capability before sending to mysql would 
be desirable 
(e.g. field can't be blank or must be a number).
7. Either opensource or very inexpensive (and definitely no 
recurring license fees!).  
My budget is almost non-existent at the moment.

I've searched all over for some kind of package that could do this, 
but the 
opensource items didn't seem to be very complete or mature, and 
the commercial 
packages were outrageously expensive.

If nothing exists that fullfills my needs, I may go with a web based 
interface for 
data entry (using perl or php), but would still need something to 
handle printed 

BTW, consider my wishlist as a good starting point for a new 
opensource project if 
anyone needs something to sink their teeth into.


P.S. If this is the wrong list to ask this question, please direct 
me to the correct one.  Thank you.

Need client side suggestionsRossz Vamos-Wentworth8 Mar