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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 5:39pm
Subject:not getting an insert id
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>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Glatz <phil@stripped> writes:

Phil> A vexing problem: identicalPHP code on two platforms, one retrurns correct 
Phil> insert ID, one doesn't. Mucho appreciation to whomeve can]t point out my 
Phil> stupid error. schema: CREATE TABLE categories ( cat_id int(10) unsigned 
Phil> zerofill NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000000000' auto_increment, cat_name varchar(80) 
Phil> NOT NULL DEFAULT '?', cat_keywords varchar(255), PRIMARY KEY (cat_id) ); 
Phil> PHP:    test:
Phil> h:
Phil> stat:
Phil> id:
Phil> System 1 is Solaris 2.6/PHP 3.012/Apache 1.3.6/mySQL 3.22.23b It returns 
Phil> correct insert id. System 2 is FreeBSD 2.2.2/PHP 3.07/Apache 1.3.4/mySQL 
Phil> 3.22.19b It always return insert id of 3306. 3306? what gives? thanks! 

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I would recommend compiling PHP and MySQL on the second system; The
only explanation I can think off is that PHP was compiled with an old
copy of the MySQL include files (that didn't match the used library).

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