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From:Daniele Colajacomo Date:April 2 1999 8:57pm
Subject:Missing Documentation?
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Hello to all,

first: I humbly ask your forgivenness for the many stupid questions
I will ask on this list (until my understanding of mySQL matures
from a "total stranger" to a "beginner"). I will try to look up the
documentation and the mlist archives before asking questions.

second: I am using the DBI perl interface. I am having problems with
setting a field to the current date, ie.:
$sth = $dbh->prepare("CREATE table sometable (FIRST_ADDED DATETIME NOT
NULL )");
so far so good because I didn't set a default.
$sth = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO sometable (FIRST_ADDED) VALUES(?))");

obviously perl attempts to interpret NOW() as it's own function - so I
type something like:


But both usages add a date 0000-00-00 00:00:00.How do I do this

So I set out to browse through mailing list and docs, and here's my
third question:

In the documentation there's mention of NOW(), CURRENT_DATE, and in the
mailing list
as well, and also many other functions are mentioned. Where's all this
The manual *mentions* NOW() and CURRENT_DATE as a mere example within
the DATETIME doc,
but I could not find their usage documented anywhere - am I missing
(besides the yet unpublished mySQL book?) - where can I find all these
functions documented?

Thanks for any suggestions and help - my main problem at this stage is
to find 
good examples and good documentation as you can see. 

Daniele Colajacomo
Missing Documentation?Daniele Colajacomo3 Apr