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From:speters Date:March 6 2003 11:13pm
Subject:disk fragmentation problems
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Hi, all
I have a mysql server that has been suffereing performance problems due to
disk fragmentation problems.

The server is on a red hat 7.3 box, and the tables in question are MyIsam.

The problem seems to be occuring because there are millions of inserts and
millions of deletes each week.
(probably 1 million plus records each day.)

So we've ended up with data all over the place on the drive. Basically, the
drive was spending the vast
majority of its time seeking. So, we're looking for good defrag tools, or
programming ideas on how to keep this problem
from recurring on a regular basis. (this problem will never be fully
alleviated, but minimizing it would be great)

Not that it probably matters, but the inserts / deletes are all handled thru
perl scripts with the DBI & DBD modules.
All programs are written in-house, so we can adjust them as we need to.

sean peters

disk fragmentation problemsspeters6 Mar