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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 6 2003 6:49pm
Subject:Re: heap tables keep on disappearing!
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At 11:41 -0800 3/6/03, Steve Quezadas wrote:
>I have a mysql table that I refer to a lot and needs to be quick. I 
>set it as a HEAP table because of the speed (and HEAP tales ARE 
>fast. zip baaannngggg!!!!). Anyway, whenever I restart the server 
>the contents of the heap tables disappear! What the hell? But I read 
>the manual and it seems that heap tables stay in memory and not disk.

It surprises you that HEAP tables behave as documented? :-)

>  The particular table I am using doesn't change very often (once 
>every three months or so ).Is there  a way that I can somehow keep 
>the table from being erased on server restarts? Is the best way 
>perhaps copying the table to a heap table every time the server 
>starts up?

Exactly.  Maintain a version that is a permanent table on disk, and load
it into the server at startup time.  You might find the --init-file server
option useful for this.

>- Steve

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