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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 17 1999 5:49pm
Subject:Re: Moving records from one table to another
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On Thu, 1999-09-16 23:08:33 +0300, Tonu Samuel wrote:
> Craig Vincent wrote:
> > Is there any simple method of moving a record from one table to
> > another...
> No.
> > I have two tables (members & expired).  Each with the same
> > columns.  I want to move all records from members to expired that
> > have the value C or E in the cancel column.
> First suggestion is not to move expired accounts. Put the index on
> cancel column and check it in every query. Another ways all include
> many steps of collecting data, writing in another table and deleting
> from first one. At least two steps plus locking around it will be
> there :(.

  LOCK TABLES members WRITE, expired WRITE;
  INSERT INTO expired SELECT * FROM members WHERE ...;
  DELETE FROM members WHERE ...;

And one always should check for errors, of course!

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