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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 6 2003 6:41am
Subject:Re: Mysql and its OLEDB provider error
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At 7:21 +0100 3/6/03, marjan mrak wrote:
>mysqladmin reports 'unknown settiing --default-char-set' if i set client
>default charset in my.cnf on suse linux. If I comment this line, there
>are no errors, even if if server has win1250 as default charset.

There is no such option.  I assume you mean --default-character-set.
But that option is not understood by all clients (for example, it's
not understood by mysqladmin), so you can't put it in the [client]
group in an option file.

>But myOLEDB quit working, if i use charset other than latin1.
>Can this be fixed?

You'll have to use some option group other than [client] that myOLEDB

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